Friday, May 18, 2012

Legiocomix Update - May 18th


A little late tonight, late enough to be counted as May 18th, not 17th. We'll have more "today". I think we covered all main heroines from that publishing company - any one left? Soon we'll start the other publisher. ;)




  1. Shazam! Great stuff as usual.

    If you're looking for more DC heroines, there's always Zatanna and Hawkwoman. Maybe Zatanna could be sucking on a penis that's coming out of her hat. :) There's also Oracle. I'm sure chicks in wheelchairs get horny, too.

    Can't wait for even more, especially the lovely ladies of the Marvel Universe. I've long been a fan of the commissioned art you've done with Invisible Woman, and I can't wait to see your take on Emma Frost and She-Hulk.

    1. Thanks! We'll do this series and probably later mix them. As long people keep enjoying it, we'll keep doing this kind of work. :D

  2. Ah I guess this is before Mary went evil nice job on this one. Maybe for the Marvel ones you can show Heroes dominating villains. Kind of like the ultimate role reversal just to add more variety of ideas.

    What do you think of that idea Fabs?

    1. I think the mix of dominating heroines is a good idea, and we'll probably do it. So far the ideas for the series are: make a marvel series, then maybe mix the publisher, then maybe a reversal of heroines dominating girls. We're not sure - things aren't written in stone, except the fact if it pleases the members, we'll keep doing it. ^^

      You - and you people - keep giving us nice ideas, and you probably will end up looking them done