Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Legiocomix Update - May 16th


Two favorites in this piece: our girl Seth, and Big Barda. I think you already know that she's one of our favorites because of her figure: tall and thick.

Enjoy it as much as Seth! ^^



  1. Looks great! I love Barda too I like that she is wears the pants in here marrige yet is still loving to Mister Miricle. Would like to see it colored!

    Seth better hope those chains hold. Question ever think of making a set with the heroes taking revenge?

    1. Sure we thought - but probably corrupted versions of the heroines, we're not sure yet. Any thoughts?

    2. Hmmm Corrupted versions of the heroines would be good but I think you might lose something if there corrupted. Its fun seeing them do something out of character because they want to get even with the enemy if there corrupted you might lose that. So I would keep them as the good versions but that is my suggestion. Would like to here your thoughts Fabs!

    3. I like that the idea might be made. Hmmm corrupted heroines are good but I think it might lose something if there corrupted. The fun part would be to see the good heroines do something out of character to get even with enemy. I am thinking if there corrupted versions then you lose that part of the picture. What are your thoughts Fabs?