Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Legiocomix Update - May 15th


What can I say? They seem to be a nice pairing, and I guess the story hasn't showed enough of them. ^^ Enjoy!!



  1. Guess this is what we missed before she passed out. Will we ever see any of them colored? Or could we get one of Harley and Ivy dominating Batwoman?

    1. Thats a nice call. Wait and trust us... ;)

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  3. Fabs, I just want you to know that, despite my comments and suggestions, I love, love, love what you're doing here at LegioComix. Your writing is solid, and the Kras artwork keeps me coming back time and time again. Please don't think that I'm unhappy with the product just because I offer feedback. There are plenty of places where I could spend my money online, but I choose LegioComix.

    I also want to once again praise you for the length of the sex scenes. With most sites offering comixxx, I always feel cheated because they have 5 or 6 pages of setup and then maybe 1 page of sex. Screw that! While the characterization is nice, I'm ultimately looking to see depictions of hot women (especially superheroines) having sex. I get plenty of that at LegioComix, which is what keeps me around as a subscriber. I don't mean this to sound like a commerical, but I've searched all over the Internet and never found a better place for hardcore comics than LegioComix.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for all the skteches. They're a great way to fill the time between the latest installments of the comic. I'll be sad when the Thunder Girl comic comes to an end, but then I'll be eagerly awaiting the one that's filled with my favorite DC heroines being dominated.