Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Legiocomix Update - October 31st

Happy Halloween! :D

(Don't forget to NOT renew your membership in legiocomix! :D But so far, enjoy!)


Monday, October 29, 2012

Legiocomix Update - October 29th

Trivia time!

Sorry for the lack of a better word. These are some of the never seen before artworks we've been holding since the start of the website, along sketches and tests. They will be in a folder under the Gallery area, and all mixed. I'll try to give a small description of each piece here, since we can't add descriptions on them there:

The Symbiots... that was a problematic pin-up since the beginning. It was a commission that was never finished, never colored. It was supposed to be a dickgirl/symbiot corrupted black cat and mary jane, along peter's daughter, may. It's a mess, a big confusion that we doubt the color could help.

Ginny concepts. It pretty much talks for itself. Her looks came practically ready, after the very first version of the story. It would be interesting later to compare her old attire from the one on this new version of the comic.

The test. This was something we did this year, it was a test for a breast expansion comic website, I don't remember quite well of its name, but its the biggest of them. It was us working over a script that was already drawn. So we pencilled three pages, and inked an colored one of them. I'll leave here one of the pages of that story, the same of the colored pic above, for comparison.

We didn't passed.

The last one of tonight is something made just after that Fiona pin-up. Since CCBill has a rule against bestialism depicted in any site they operate. So we simply scraped the idea. Hope you like it.

Tell me what you think of this kind of updates. ^^
See ya!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some answers

At first, I'd like to apologize to people expecting the explanation for whats happening, the lack of updates and stuff. Thanks for the patience.

The first and most import thing I have to say is the hardest to do, but here goes: we'll gonna close very soon, in a matter of a month or so, but we won't leave the genre, nor abandon our clients. We are opening a new website, on FLAA network: SLUTTISH.XXX.

I'm not sure what would be the main questions concerned on that, but here's a little FAQ:

1. Why a new website?
First, for a fresh start, a new focus, and a different way to work than the way Xposh Network do.

As for fresh start, the opportunity to give the members the feeling the site is moving forward, that the site isn't the same thing as it was back in 2008 - we improved, we think our content is better now than it was then, but we have this feeling that won't see that. We have more people asking us for stories we did in the past, with an old, dated and ugly style, than for the newest stuff, like Monday.

As for the focus, the "LEGIO+COMIX" isn't working. Maybe it never worked. We thought people would like to see 'comix by legio', not matter the theme, but it seems we were wrong. People want a focus, they want a theme, they want the stories revolve around the same theme. They want the certainty that every time they log in, they will find what they are looking for. Well, no more Legio Stories per se, but now "Sluttish" as a theme. Is basically what we usually do (who wouldn't agree that Sara, Fuu, Ginny, Jenni, Sister Lux, among others, aren't all sluttish?), it's what we like to do. And we want the members understand that from beginning. If the story has superheroines, it's sluttish superheroines. If it has monsters, or an horror feeling, you may account that there will be sluttish girls there. We know the theme isn't as popular as incest, or superheroines, or teens, or dickgirls, but it's the only way to keep us sane. We could do comics with superheroines, or incest, or dickgirls, or teens, or a story about a teen superheroine falling in love with her mother when she discovers that mommy has a cock, not matter what, sluttish is the theme: the story will be about a SLUTTISH superheroine falling in love with her SLUTTISH mother when she discovers that mommy has a cock, or about a superheroine falling in love with her mother when she discovers that mommy has a cock, then TURNING sluttish. :D "Another Worlds" is a good sample there - Thunder Girl is pretty slutty. And Wrecker. ;) Also, the lack of "Legio" in the title give us the freedom to bring other artists to the site, working in more stories, adding more content to it.

And for the way Xposh Network works, we feel our partnership isn't working anymore. The webmaster made a great job back there, at the start, but after that we feel like the whole work of making the website grow was simply left as OUR full responsibility. Not a partnership anymore, but more like a commensalism. We add the content, we reach for more members, we look for ways to improve even the way the images are displayed - that was one of the reasons we changed from vertical comic book pages to horizontal ones, like Monday... we can't even display images with more than 1500 pixels height! Pages look too small for anyone with a resolution above 1280x960! Anyway, there were technical issues between us. We were always trying to improve the look of the site, and getting 'no can do' all the time. We are sick of those PPG in the main page, and we can't even look that fugly girl in the welcome area. We had new images to put there... but 'no can do' or 'no need to change that'. Well, the webmaster did what he could, I guess. I don't want to talk trash about him. The partnership worked... until it didn't.

2. What about the members of
Well, we are trying to sort out that. We won't accept new memberships after november 1st - I hope, I mean, the 'join' page will be disabled until there, probably before. Most of the members who have a monthly membership, recurring or not, will still access legiocomix until the membership expires, and probably all monthly memberships will be off by december 1st. We are trying to sort out what will happen to those who bought a three-month membership and it was supposed to expire after december 1st. We don't know if CCBill and Verotel chargeback part of the money, or if they can change the website associated to the account. We maybe can set up manually temporary accounts for these members in for the corresponding time. In any case, I took the names and emails of these members, and we can contact them to set up things.

Basically, from now on, if  your membership expires in legiocomix, don't bother in renew. Check instead. :D

3. What about the stories in legiocomix?
Simple, we'll keep them in Monday will follow normally, the rest of "Another Worlds" aswell. The girls, the settings, everything.

4. And the pin-ups?
Ahh, some of them will go, for good. Some of the older pin-ups will get a revamp - we like to do that. More will be added. But some will be taken out to never return. :D

5. What about the updates in legiocomix? What about the lack of updates for the last three weeks?
No excuses for them. Late is late. We will keep legiocomix updated with new stuff until it closes, but to make amends, and as a way to celebrate an ending and the beginning of a new phase for us, we will update legiocomix with an unusual amount of 'trivia'. Things that never happened. Concepts for characters who never gone ahead. Sketches of pin-ups and pages of comics. Some smut-free pin-ups. Alternate versions of pin-ups and pages. Stuff we did for other websites. It will be fun. ^^

Well, I wrote a lot here. If you have any questions, please make them in the comments and I'll answer the best I can. I'll give you some time to digest it, then I'll update the site. ;)



AHHH! A P.S.! is already online and accepting subscribers, but it has NO content on it so far. Those who want to get ahead and subscribe already, be warned. You may see the stuff slowly piling up there, but so far, today, there's nothing but posting tests. ^^

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Legiocomix Update - October 2nd


Alright, Kras is so excited about his new markers that he advanced the progression of Stargirl story a LOT! Well, the good side is that the part that everybody wants to see is already there.

And more futas. Both from commissions - but not the same clients. Thank you for them, for the support. :D