Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Legiocomix Update - October 2nd


Alright, Kras is so excited about his new markers that he advanced the progression of Stargirl story a LOT! Well, the good side is that the part that everybody wants to see is already there.

And more futas. Both from commissions - but not the same clients. Thank you for them, for the support. :D




  1. Man Mayday is putting in work on both Invisible Women.Star Girl is enjoying herself with Wrecker(loving the expression on Star Girl's face).Liking the kinda steampunk vibe in the last picture.

    Fabs,Are you guys still developing your Original Superheroine Characters? I'm still looking forward to seeing them,seeing as you guys have alot of experience drawing original heroines for other websites(9superheroines,Superheroine Central,DangerBabeCentral etc..).

  2. Love all the new pictures other then that mayday one as Karateartist called it. Just sick of that character her act has grown old. The wrecker B&W one is amazing very sexy nice job.

  3. Damn. 15 days since the last update.

  4. I think we owe you, the few who still read the blog, an explanation of whats happening, and the lack of updates. You'll have them both before this weekend.

  5. before this weekend huh? Today makes it 19 days.

    1. I'm sure Fabs,was gonna keep his promise something just came up. Rest assured they'll come through like they always do,just give them a little more time.

    2. Of course, I will stay a member as long as it will take 'cause these guys are the best! Just don't like when somebody is setting up dates they don't keep and that has been going on in this blog for the last couple of months.

  6. "I'm sure Fabs,was gonna keep his promise something just came up."

    That sort of defeats the purpose of making a promise.