Monday, October 29, 2012

Legiocomix Update - October 29th

Trivia time!

Sorry for the lack of a better word. These are some of the never seen before artworks we've been holding since the start of the website, along sketches and tests. They will be in a folder under the Gallery area, and all mixed. I'll try to give a small description of each piece here, since we can't add descriptions on them there:

The Symbiots... that was a problematic pin-up since the beginning. It was a commission that was never finished, never colored. It was supposed to be a dickgirl/symbiot corrupted black cat and mary jane, along peter's daughter, may. It's a mess, a big confusion that we doubt the color could help.

Ginny concepts. It pretty much talks for itself. Her looks came practically ready, after the very first version of the story. It would be interesting later to compare her old attire from the one on this new version of the comic.

The test. This was something we did this year, it was a test for a breast expansion comic website, I don't remember quite well of its name, but its the biggest of them. It was us working over a script that was already drawn. So we pencilled three pages, and inked an colored one of them. I'll leave here one of the pages of that story, the same of the colored pic above, for comparison.

We didn't passed.

The last one of tonight is something made just after that Fiona pin-up. Since CCBill has a rule against bestialism depicted in any site they operate. So we simply scraped the idea. Hope you like it.

Tell me what you think of this kind of updates. ^^
See ya!



  1. Before I say anything about the new stuff I want to say that, Since I have been a member here you Fabs have shown me nothing but respect. I do have issues and a lot of distrust towards FLAA but I trust you guys so I will be joining you over there. Unless you fall to pieces like a few other artist there I doubt I will be leaving anytime soon :)

    As for this type of update I could take or leave it. I think if your update was going to be a few days late then its a fun why to give us something but I do not think I would want to see these types all the time.

  2. Nice to see some never before pictures an concepts. The symbiotes is a messy picture yet if it was toned down a bit it an changed the angle of characters it could work. Liking the profile pictures of Ginny,the Breast expansion test artwork is great the script needs work though from what I can see.Wow this is a first..i'm not liking the Fiona/Donkey picture,Fiona is fine i'm just not feeling Donkey though.

    I'm liking these types of updates,it gives us a chance to see rejected/unknown/concept artwork.

  3. I like the direction where the new site concepts are heading, but will we be seeing some familiar faces? Fab you said it was some works of art you couldn't display due to ccbills limited guidelines. Now that the bar is set higher, will we be able to see some back story on power girl and her clone?