Saturday, November 10, 2012

Legiocomix Update - November 10th

Alright, ten days later and some content. The hardest part is to comment them. Lets begin with the easy ones.

We had a Halloween pin-up to celebrate it, so why not to celebrate the Dia de Los Muertos aswell? Thats Kras having fun with markers - every time you see a pin-up like that, shaded in markers, its something he came up himself. Do stuff for fun isn't very common of him. :D

Next, something old. Back to... 2005 or 2006 I guess:

Sluttish versions of Sailor Scouts, mostly done on photoshop+tablet. It's pretty unusual for the way Kras works - he's the pencil+paper kind of artist - and in the end the result wasn's satisfactory. We scrapped it for years, until we rescue it last year and remade it on paper. The most intersting thing about it - IMHO - is that it looks fine until you start to look the details, like the girl's calves, mouths, tongues... :D

Next, the very first story Sefrin made for the site - and only one so far:

The second Titanic Troop story. We changed some of the girl's costumes to make them more appealing than the first story, and Sefrin made 10 pages of it, full inked and colored. I'm not really sure of the date of these pages, maybe 2009, the time when Sefrin joined the studio and made some pin-ups for us aswell. The story didn't go ahead basically because lots of shit happened in terms of money, and we couldn't afford to pay him to keep doing them, so the comic got an halt. He still works with us, be we never resumed this work.

Then, for last, the second story we ever did for legiocomix:

This one was made just after 'Burning the Midnight Oil' (or as we called it "The Secretary Story"). So I say it was the end of 2008, the year the site launched. It was 2008, right? I don't even remember anymore. I remember that at the time we were doing comics for some websites like dangerbabe central, 7superheroines, and some private stuff that will never reach the internet, and some of the stuff we were doing on those pages looked great for us. So we thought 'why not to use them as base for another comic, for the site, something more related to what we like'?

We came with this story about Daphne and Velma going to an amusement park to investigate some spooky happening - the usual - and getting some sluttyfication in the end. You'll notice there's a gap between pages 07 and 10 - pages 08 and 09 were supposed to show Velma finding a witch and being turned into the slut we see on page 11. The color over the sketch was Kras's playing around - I remember we were pretty happy with the look of Velma at the time.

What else is worth mention? Ah, Sefrin started to ink for us at the time - pages 01 and 02 have his ink work, the rest are Kras's. The colors never went ahead of page 04. Those who saw our works for 7superheroines will recognize some angles of pages and panels. ^^ In the end the story was scrapped in favor of the first version of Monday, where we took Velma, tweaked her a little, and created Ginny. :D

That it for now. I hope you like it. ^^ Cheers!



  1. I knew it! Ginny always gave off that Velma vibe,the glasses tipped me off.You guys should do a pinup of both of them together.I'm liking the history behind these updates as well as the pictures themselves.

  2. Pity they never finished the velma and daphne comic. tha'ts something i'd actually pay to see completed. Of course, they've done ANOTHER velma and daphne sequence really, but that never got beyond the pencil stage.

  3. You have just lost a customer for not accepting Visa credit card. Months ago had managed to pay with Visa. Now I can no longer.

    1. It wasn't our decision!! Our webmaster simply CUT OUT the option for Visa from the join page, without even tell us! I just noticed now! ><

      THATS exactly the kind of things that complicated our relationship with the webmaster. For those who don't know, in legiocomix Mastercard is processed through CCBill, and Visa through Verotel. The money from CCBill (Mastercard) its split between the webmster and us then send to different accounts. The money from Verotel (Visa) comes to us - to our account - THEN we need to pay him his share. Because of this we owe him money most of the time, and pay him using whatever we make in comissions, using Paypal.

      Now he just cut out whatever money that could come right to us, trying to force the remaining members to use CCBill instead, granting at least HIS part of the share of memberships.