Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Legiocomix Update - June 6th


"Hey Tellus! Instead eat my tongue the cat swallowed my cock! Am I doing something wrong?!"
"Aw, shaddap you silly cunt!"




  1. Fabs,

    Here's an idea mentioned by KarateArtist in an earlier thread. In case you didn't see it, I wanted to mention it here.

    How about a four picture series featuring a heroine, where each pic shows her in one of the different emotional states talked about in that previous thread? For example, Pic #1 would show the heroine barely able to endure the pain, Pic #2 would show her being humiliated, Pic #3 would show her filled with lust, and Pic #4 would show her going crazy from the pleasure.

    This would ensure that everyone got what they wanted. And since most didn't vote for Pic #1, you could always remove it and just do a three picture series (although I'd love to see them all).

    Just another option. Keep up the great work, and I'm enjoying the Catwoman series.

  2. This series is the best to date in my opinion! I love the fact that Catwoman likes it and if it ends with her getting a turn to play with the girls it will be my all time favorite.

  3. I'm also enjoying the Catwoman series of pinups. I believe this is the experiment Fabs was mentioning a few post back. If this trend continues i'd like to see more of Miss Marvel,Psylocke,and Storm,along with your original characters.All (4) scenarios would be nice an showcase Kras's range of emotion.

  4. This was a great idea to have a series with one character. I do not know what I think of a range of emotion one one hand its good to have a mix up but on the other I dislike the other choices for emotion. I dislike when the heroines are in pain and crying.

  5. superb work on this series so far! I have mixed feelings about having the different situations. Some of the emotions I did not think suited a heroine. Also there were not many votes for the other ones 3 almost all of the votes