Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Update - Jenny Story

The bathroom reeked even worse than the last one, cleaned long ago if ever! The guys hardly even looked up when they saw someone come in with a girl. They did start staring, though, when they saw who it was, and the way her big  tits wiggled under her top.

"Yes," moaned Jenny as she braced herself against the wall. "Fuck me! Destroy my cunt! Use me like the nastiest, filthiest, cheapest whore you've ever met!"

"You don't need this shit!" the big guy said as he ripped the top off of Jenny's rack, exposing those melons, their shape only emphasized rather than hidden by the fishnets she wore. "Or this!" And just like that, he tore her panties off, flinging them onto the dirty ground like the rag they now were.

With that, he shoved her against the wall with one hand, yanking his pants right down with the other. "When I'm done with you, slut, you'll never be satisfied with a little tiny dick again! You're gonna need a big hard monster dick in this slutty cunt!!"

His big hands lifted her into the air, and as he shoved himself deep into her, she locked her feet around him, yanking him deep into her needy pussy.

"Yeah, just like that! Work my fucking cunt! Slam it in hard! Harder! Bruise me with that massive cock!" Jenny, whose  teachers had said so often always had the smartest things to say in class, begged for him to ruin her useless whore cunt and cover her in his hot, thick jizz. Her fat tits bounced as he fucked her. She braced herself against the wall, closing her eyes as she arched her back and let out an even louder moan every time he slammed into her all the way to the hilt.

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