Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Update!

Hello!! It's saturday, and it's time for another update!

Tonight I'd like to introduce you to SETH! ^^
Finally a small character sheet for you to know better that fiery little redhead - 5F1', if you're asking. And 32J, if you keep wondering. ;)

Then we jump to her in action, with some other girls you may already know. :D You know, for Seth, three is barely enough! ^^

Also, a new work for a new collaborator: R_EX! Great guy, greater artwork! ^^ He did a lovely futa couple in action - creations of the awesome JVC. And to not mention all people who is behind this great artwork, the color was done by the none-less famous, the amazing Melkor Mancin.

And for those who unfortunately aren't members of legiocomix yet, a freebie!!



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