Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seth and Sara having fun...

Seth had never been in Sara's basement before. The place was full of toys and contraptions, and Seth licked her lips to imagine what kinds of naughty play Sara got up to down here. Her friend had asked her to come dressed up in a certain way, so Seth wore spiky bands and a tight top that showed off her big pierced nipples. To top it off, she wore the mask. Just putting it on made her feel like a different person. Dangerous.
            Sara emerged from a side room, walking on her hands and knees. Seth felt her pussy dampen when she saw the freckled, busty babe completely decked out, her fat tits hanging out of her latex top, her pink thigh-high latex boots matching Seth's scarlet ones. She could hardly recognize her friend's face, hidden behind a pink latex mask, though that enthusiasm burning in her green eyes was obvious. As she crawled closer, she turned her face up, exposing that she had the mask zippered over her mouth, making her only able to moan whorishly as she dragged her heavy tits over the cool ground.
            Taking command immediately, Seth grabbed the biggest dildo out of the nearest toybox, a brutally studded beast. Sara's eyes went wide and she moaned loudly at the sight of it.
            "Look at you, you filthy whore. Dragging those tits on the ground, moaning for your slutty cunt and your tight ass to be abused. Is that what you want? You want to be used like the pathetic skank you are? Do you want me to treat you like you deserve?"
            Sara could only moan loudly in excitement, raising her ass into the air. Seth ran her hand over that big, bare ass, sinking her fingers into its plush softness, spreading Sara's asshole and pussy lips. "You're a slave for cock, aren't you? You'd do any nasty, filthy thing I wanted so long as I made you feel like dirt?" She pushed the huge toy against Sara's lips, grinding it in. The girl bucked up, on all fours, and Seth bent over her, squeezing one of those huge freckled tits while her other hand drove the dildo deeper and deeper, twisting and swirling it inside Sara's slurping pussy. "You fucking whore. I'll bet I can get this whole think into your cockhole!"
            Sara pressed back against it, her ass wobbling as she rode on it, thrusting herself over and over onto it as she spread her knees wide on the ground. "You want to cum, don't you? Look at you, milking this rubberdick like a real cockslut. Well, you're going to have to beg for it." She shoved it deeper still, but more slowly. Sara moaned into the mask, begging "please, please!" but Seth only shook her head.
            She put her foot on her friend's big ass and pushed her down until she was stretched out on the floor, pierced tits dragging over the ground. "Show me how much you want it," Seth commanded. She crouched in front of Sara's face, leaving the dildo shoved deep in her pussy, and unzipped Sara's mouth. "Use that mouth for the only thing it's good for."
            Sara pushed her soft lips against Seth's dripping pussy, slurping on it, her moans only louder and more whorish now that her mouth was free. Seth spread her legs and leaned back on her hands, shoving her hips against her friend's face. "That's right, slave! Just like that. Lick my fucking cunt! Suck on my clit, you drooling cumdump! Oh, fuck! Yes!" Seth came messily on Sara's face, showering her mouth and her latex mask in her juices.
            Seth looped her fingers through Sara's nipple piercings and pulled her to her feet. Yanking on those piercings, she shoved her against a square pillar. The curvy babe licked her lips greedily, tasting Seth on her mouth and lips, moaning in delight. "I want to hear you beg!" said Seth as she grabbed the dildo again. She worked it in furiously, plunging it in and out, grinding the studs into Sara's soft skin. Just as she was about to release, her eyes rolling back, Seth pulled it out completely, dripping copiously with juices. "Beg, slave!"
            Sara grinned in delight, and she moaned in utter subservience, "Fuck my slutty pussy, mistress! I'll do anything for you! Use me however you want. Stretch my dick-loving cunt and fill it up with your monster cock!"
            Sara's entire body spasmed as Seth rammed the dildo all the way to the hilt into her, her big breasts wobbling, her ass bouncing with every hard thrust into her. She lowered her torso and raised her ass like a bitch in heat, her head arched back, spreading her own ass wide as she braced herself on the pole. "Fuck! Yes!" she gasped, her eyes rolling back. "I'm cumming, mistress!"
            Once again, Seth pulled the dildo slowly back out, grinding it so Sara could feel every stud pulling out of her stretched lips. Long strands of her copious juices hung from her pussy and the toy. Seth said, "A real slut should cum with her ass, don't you think, slave?" She grinned as she spread Sara's hole with her fingers, watching it tighten and relax rapidly with her need as her orgasm ripped through her.
            Sara's eyes burned. "Yes! Pound my ass! Split my cocksheathe wide open, mistress!" She pawed at her own ass, presenting it to Seth with utter abandon.
            "Spoken like a true slut slave."
            As Seth pushed the thick head against Sara's hole, her friend ground back against it, letting out a gasp for every stud that slipped into her. "Deeper! Deeper!" Sara begged, working her hips to drag it farther inside, lubed up with her own juices and dripping as she took it into her shuddering body. "I need it! I need that whole thing in my skanky ass!"
            Seth grinned as she gave the toy a full twist, swirling it in Sara's insides, making her shudder uncontrollably and scream with lust. "As you wish."

Text by The Grue, artwork by Kras.

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