Saturday, August 29, 2009

Comix -Alternate color scheme

Well, this week, today, to be precise, we started another comic there, this time starring two of our favorite girls (meh, thats a lie... we like them all) doing shameful things, as usual. ^^ Here's a variant color for the first page, a darker tone. If there's anybody here, reading all this nonsense I'm writing, what you think of it? Better? Worse? Anything?

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  1. oh looking good, kind of like the darkertone, but i must say u use some ligth colors in your comic and they look fantastic

  2. Great start. Looking forward to seeing how the Seth and Repree handle the situation? The wait for the updates are well worth it, you never disappoint.

    A Gratful Fan,

  3. Thanks, people! In this kind of work, every bit of encouragement counts a lot. ;) I hope we can improve our color work, Duck_buck, put some bright and eye-caughting colors on it. And thanks for the support, Anon. ^^